Lullaby Fund

The Purpose of the Lullaby Fund

The Lullaby Fund was established in 2011 for foster children and youth. Friends of CASA provides Lullaby grants for children’s basic needs, or activities that other children may have the pleasure to experience. The Lullaby Fund was not designed to cover items or activities that are normally covered by the Department of Human Services. The sole purpose of the Lullaby Fund is to provide the children with essential opportunities that are vital to their success and self-esteem.

boy on steps CASA

Examples of Board Approved Grants:

  • Back-to-school items (clothes, backpacks, school supplies)
  • Tutors
  • Sports Fees and/or equipment
  • Music Lessons
  • Summer camp fees
  • Field Trips
  • Fine Arts
  • Basic and urgent needs
  • much more!

Apply for the Lullaby Fund.